• "Fifi is a personification of a response to collected experiences occurring in everyday life, society around her and the culture of conformity. Fifi is a passive aggressive artistic weapon that has risen to shield herself from the current mundane and monotonous zombie social culture."


    Fifi Christabel is the alter ego of Amanda Johnson. Fifi is the name she gave her neighbors large male tom cat that she loved and adored when she was a little girl living in one of Baltimore City’s first dollar houses on Stirling Street. Christabel is her middle name.


    Fifi is an artist and creator and anything else she chooses to be.


    Fifi has felt the need for freedom of self-expression and a way to explore ideas and feelings that might push boundaries & buttons, free of judgement. She needed a safe space to be a little provocative. 


    She is Baltimore City born and raised & currently thriving in South Florida.


    Grace & Saint Peters
    Saint Paul’s School for Girls 
    (Only 2 years, thank goodness)
    Baltimore High School for the Arts
    School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Museum Studies, Harvard University 
    AA Sober 14 years and counting. 


FiFi takes her pieces beyond the idea of just prints. After they are printed, each piece is hand sewn, stamped, painted on and embellished further. Each edition tells its very own story. From the moment of conception, each print is given soul. With a dash of glitter and little bit of edge, magic is made in these limited edition small batch print releases.